Never Give Up!! Keep Going !!

I was thinking for the past 2 hours about my first blog post.Finally, I thought I should start with one of the stories I always find Inspirational.

One person was passing by an elephant stable.he kinda wondered when he saw those gigantic creatures were tied with very thin chains.So he checked the trainer and asked the reason and the trainer response is a message to all of us.he said When these were young, we used to tie them with the same size of chains.At first, they tried so hard to break the chain but those weren’t able to do it.After some point of time, They just stopped trying.

Most of us are all like those elephants, just because we failed few times in the past we still think we can’t do it.

We are all human.The struggle is part of our life.When we face struggle, we can take any one of the two options. Either we can give up and live our rest of the life in regret or we can face it and live the rest of our life like a champ. The choice is obviously ours.

No matter how bad your day gets, No matter how weak you feel, No matter the whole universe stands up against you, No matter how hard your life gets, Just Stand up and face all your problems like a Champ.

people will always tell you can’t.but don’t ever think of others.If you want it just go for it.If you fail, get up off the floor and give it another try.

Let’s just do it for those who said we couldn’t




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