The Pursuit of Happiness :)

What makes us happy ??

        Perhaps Our Goals .we all have many goals.They differ from person to person.We believe accomplishing those goals can make us happy.It indeed does.but only for some period of time.Once we achieved our goals, we are moving towards the next one.Once we have got our dream job the next thing we want is a six-figure salary.Once we have got a six figure salary, we move towards the next goal.It goes on like this.Don’t get me wrong. Getting your dream job or six-figure salary will obviously make you happy but those aren’t the only things that can make you happy.

While counting the stars, we miss the moon…

        What if we fail to achieve our goal ?? we feel emptiness and pain in our life.Do you know why? While looking for happiness from our future goals, we simply forget to live in the moment.We simply forget the fact that we can harvest happiness from the tiny little things of the universe.

        The universe has millions of secrets inside it and it’s bursting to tell you that.All you have to do is stop by and listen to it.Like taste of the first sip of your coffee,the first drop of the rain,smell of the new book,Gazing at the stars,talking to the person you love for hours, an innocent smile from a little child, staring at tides, Hi from a stranger, Aroma of the flowers, bursting the bubble wrap, making the person you love laugh, watching your favourite anime for hours,pillow fights,the rising sun, Traveling without knowing the destination, Looking at the full moon, reading a book, Eating your favourite dish, etc…


        Like this, we have millions of things to enjoy other than our goals.I agree some of those things seems so childish.But what is the point of growing up, if you can’t enjoy those tiny little things ??

If growing up is gonna do nothing but suck our happiness, Let’s stay as Kids……Forever..


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