Love Hurts…does it?

People say “Love hurts“. Seriously, does it ??

Most of us will say yes, but

I beg to differ.I would say

Love doesn’t hurt, Loving the wrong one does.

Stop expecting too much from your partner.It’s the main reason to get hurt.Instead of expecting too much if you learn to accept the way she/he is, your life will become beautiful.

If you love her, Love her as a whole..not some better attributes of her.

Not just her perfect hairstyles, but also her wind blew messy hairs.
Not just her the brightest halls of her heart, But also the Darkest corner of her soul.
Not just her body, But also with her gorgeous soul.
Not just with her big achievements, but also with her admiration for cute little things like Sound of a sparrow, Song of the rain, Sight of the Rainbow, Smell of the New book etc,…
Not Just with her Mascaraed Eyes, but also with her teary red eyes,
Not just with the Independent women you see daily, but also with the Innocent little child hidden inside her heart….

Love her the way she is, Not the way, you want her to be….


Happy Valentine’s day Folks…


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