Things I admire the most – Passion (1)

What is Passion ??

I just asked google the same Question…It said

Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm, desire for something…

Gorgeous lines.Passion is not something you just follow, Passion is what defines who you are.

When I was a kid, I used to love Mahabharat Stories.I still do.
Do you know who is my favourite character and why? The following story will answer these questions.

One day, Dronacharya was thought of testing his pupils.So he called both the Pandavas and the Kauravas.He placed a toy bird in a tree.He called Pandava’s prince Yudhishtar.He asked, “what are you seeing except the bird ?” He said, “I am seeing a tall tree and wide branches”. he asked him to keep the bow down and move back.Next, he called Duryodhana and asked him the same question.he said, “I am seeing the tree and it’s branches and a blue sky and something”.He asked him to put the bow down and move back.He called some other princes they pretty much said the same except “Arjuna” He said, “I can only see the eyes of the bird” and he released the pierced right through the bird’s eye.


Arjuna may not be as charismatic as Krishna, as mighty as Bhisma, as heroic as Karna, as strong as Bhima, as flawless as Yudhishtra, but he is the most passionate person in the whole Mahabharat.Unlike Karna, He had nothing to prove.He learned Archery because he loved it. Nothing much.That’s what I call true passion.

Most of us are giving up our passion.For what ?? for a comfortable life, for a six-figure salary, for a reputed job.It’s okay to do those things for a better living but never ever forget what your true passion is.Just wait for the perfect moment and fire your arrow.You will pierce it like Arjuna did.

Follow your passion and Be Passionate….


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