Things I admire the most – Stand up and fight for the right thing (4)

Do you think you are a good person ??

I’m sure you’d have said the next question

Do you fight for right thing even if it doesn’t give you anything?

If it’s an honest answer, I am sure most of the people will say No to this question.

Being a helpful person for yourself & your family alone is not being a Good person.It’s being Selfish.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s okay to be selfish.But everything has its limits.but don’t put yourself in the first place when whole mankind is at stake.

Trust me doing the right thing is really easy.It’s what your inner heart says.Listen to it.Do what it says. you may think you get nothing in return. But you are getting something in return that is called satisfaction.


No matter how much you are willing to pay you won’t get the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

Stand up and do the Right thing..No matter what.


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