Things I admire the most – Respect your parents ( 6 )

Let me start with a story this time.

An old father and his young son were sitting on the sofa and watching out.They saw a crow sitting on a tree.They father asked his son what was that bird and his son replied it was a crow.A few minutes later he asked the same question.His son answered with a bit of irritation.Then again he asked the same question his son replied with anger.He asked the same question fourth time.His son lost his patience and shouted at his father for asking the same question again and again and left the room.Then his mother came and handed over his father’s diary to him and asked him read that page.The line written on that page is

Today I was sitting under a tree with my little child.A crow came and sit on the branch of the tree.My son asked me what was that I answered He kept asking the same question 19 times I answered him patiently.I didn’t feel irritation rather I fell in love with his innocence

Like the son mentioned in the above story, we usually forget how much our parents sacrificed for us.

They brought us into the world.they fed us.they protected us.they helped with our education.they supported us when we were down.They cheered us when we were sad.They are the reason for our very own existence.

But what are we giving back in return?
Hurt,Pain and disappionment.Correct ????


It’s an absolute mistake.Without them we won’t be in the same position, we are now.They faced all the pains and sorrows just to raise you up.They could have just given up everything and enjoyed but they didn’t.They showed their selfless love for you.Show some gratitude.

They showed their selfless love for you.Show some gratitude.


Just make sure you love them the same way they did.Show them your true love.Speak with kind words even if they are wrong.That is the only way you came pay back what you owe them..


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