Things I admire the most – Be a Leader, Not a Boss ( 7 )

Alexander the Great..

The Great king of Macedonia is known as the best military general of all time (well, arguably )

Do you know why?

Because he was passionate. Maybe.
Becuase he was courageous. Maybe.
Becuase he came up with new tactics. Maybe.


But I would say he was a true leader.When other kings stood safely at the back of their army and issued orders.Alexander stood in the front line and led it like an anger lion.The made him King of the whole world (dramatically speaking)

That is the difference between a true leader and a boss.A leader leads his team from the front where bosses just issue orders.

True leaders share credits of victory with his team and take responsibility for the loss.Bosses take all the credits of victory and blame others for the loss.

True Leaders give freedom to his team.Where a boss expects everybody should be under his/her control.

I reckon Steve Jobs words here…
it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.

This attitude is what made apple a billion dollar company.Steve was clear on his vision. but he open-heartedly welcomed innovative ideas.If Steve would have thought of different, maybe Android would have been ruling the world entirely.(They kinda do still )


Lead from the front and share credits with your Team.Be a Leader


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