Happy Women’s Day :)

First of all, Happy Women’s day to all the women out there.
On this special day, I would like to thank every single woman in my life.You people are pretty awesome.Thank you for making my life happy.

Second, I am not gonna talk about any individual person I know in this post.If I do it, this post will pretty much end up praising a single person.

So what do I wanna say?

Pretty Simple.You are neither inferior nor superior to anyone.Don’t let anyone make you feel bad.If people see you through their tiny eyes, they will think you are less than them.Don’t listen to those stupid’s words.Know your value even if the whole world doesn’t.Be proud of what you are.Show the whole world what you are capable of.

Equality starts at the end of dependency.

Don’t play yourself, victims.Don’t make yourself look pitiful.Don’t point hand.Be the independent woman.If you want something, be ready to fight for it.Don’t think some else will do it for you.As long as you are depending on somebody else, you will not be treated equally.If you want something, stand up and swing the sword.fight for it.Get that damn thing done.That is what makes you are true independent women.

Don’t look for a knight, Look for a sword.


Don’t spread hatred.Show kindness to everyone around you.Be a woman with the heart of a warrior and soul of an angel.if people tries to break you up, pick all your pieces and come back even stronger.show those morons what you are.


Don’t be afraid of being alone.One day someone will love you the way are.wait for it.

And Finally,

Don’t be a woman who needs a man.Be an independent woman that every man needs.


Things I admire the most – Respect Talent Not Looks. ( 10 )

We are living in a world full of Instagram Filters and Photo editing applications.We judge people by their external manifestations.I don’t know how many educational or utility applications you have in our mobiles but I am pretty sure you have at least one photo editing application in our mobile.

I won’t blame you.The world is obsessed with beauty.Let me tell you one small story.

It’s a story about a balloon seller and a small kid.Some of you might have heard it.The balloon seller was selling various colours of helium filled balloons.Whenever the business was slow, He would release a helium-filled balloon which soared towards the cloud.It got the kids attention and they urged their parents to get them one.A little kid was observing him for a long time.Balloon seller released green, blue and orange colour balloons.Seeing all of the balloons going up he went to the balloon seller and asked If you release the white balloon, Will that also go up like others? The balloon seller replied, Kid, It’s not Colour of the balloon that matters.It’s what inside it that makes it rise….

It’s not the just truth of balloon, It’s the truth of people too.It’s not the appearance, It’s what inside us that takes us to next level.


Real beauty is not about external appearance.It is all about how you cultivate your talent.Physical appearance will fade off in some months or years.But your talent will stay with you all your lifetime.

Looks will fetch you attention but Talent will get you Respect..