Happy Friendship Day

When It comes to friendship, I was and am really choosy.Let it be anywhere college, Office, school, Have many acquaintances but very few close friends.

For me, Friendship is as complicated as love.Because you get to choose your friends by yourself.If they are good, you enjoy your life like anything

For me, A friend is a person with whom you don’t hesitate to share anything.You don’t think about think twice before telling them.You love to spend time with them.You can talk with for like a whole day and never get bored.

A friend is someone who accepts you, the way you are.You can Fight with them for silly things, Tease them for a whole day, Snatch and eat the last piece of the chocolate.If you want me to simplify, With your friend you can be yourself.

I am so blessed to have all my friends.We may have our ups and downs but you guys were always there for me when I was Down.Thank you so much for everything you.

Happy Friendship Day.

13 Reasons Why – Tv show

Some of you cared, None of you cared enough…..

I heard this tv show is one of the most depressing tv show ever in the history.So I just wanted to give it a try.After all, what can be more Depressing that my very own life? 😂😂

After watching first few episodes I started to love this.Now 13 reasons why is one of the best TV show I have ever watched.
It’s so deep and emotional.

It’s a story about a High school girl who kills herself and records 13 audio tapes which explain the 13 reasons for her suicide.This show taught me two important things.First one is you don’t judge people no matter what.Because you might have no idea what they are going through.The second and most important thing is if you are too scared to do love someone, support your friend in their worst time, stand up against something evil you may have to bear the guilty forever.

Overall “13 reasons why” is a Fantastic Tv show and if you waiting to watch some good Tv show, It’s worth a try.

My Rating is 8/10

Love Everyone :)

How can we hide love and express hatred so openly? Do we really see love as a sign of weakness?

Don’t get me wrong.I am not only talking about our typical romantic love.No matter what form it is when it comes to expressing our love we are bit hesitant.

Just think about it.How many of us call our parents just to let them know we miss them or sending a text to our friends that elucidates their importance in our life.I am pretty sure most of us will say no to these questions.I just started to wonder why?Then I came to a conclusion that we are afraid of getting hurt.

When we love a person we expect something in return from them.No matter how much we deny it we expect the least bit of care from their side.When we failed to receive it, we get hurt.but hate, on the other hand, brings power.When you hate someone you have no expectation to be hated or loved back in return.So it’s naturally easy to express hatred.

But let me tell you one thing.Love is not a sign of weakness.But on the contrary, it’s the bravest act of all.Indeed hatred makes you strong but it consumes your soul as fuel.Sooner or later it will make you weaker.But Love enlightens your soul.It makes you and everyone in your surrounding happy.

“Spread unconditional love everywhere even if you get back nothing in return”.This is an imperfect world but sadly, it’s the only one we have got.

Be Kind. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.

Love everyone, not for themselves but for yourself.The only way you can find true happiness is making others smile. 🙂