13 Reasons Why – Tv show

Some of you cared, None of you cared enough…..

I heard this tv show is one of the most depressing tv show ever in the history.So I just wanted to give it a try.After all, what can be more Depressing that my very own life? 😂😂

After watching first few episodes I started to love this.Now 13 reasons why is one of the best TV show I have ever watched.
It’s so deep and emotional.

It’s a story about a High school girl who kills herself and records 13 audio tapes which explain the 13 reasons for her suicide.This show taught me two important things.First one is you don’t judge people no matter what.Because you might have no idea what they are going through.The second and most important thing is if you are too scared to do love someone, support your friend in their worst time, stand up against something evil you may have to bear the guilty forever.

Overall “13 reasons why” is a Fantastic Tv show and if you waiting to watch some good Tv show, It’s worth a try.

My Rating is 8/10