Things I admire the most – Be Modern Respect Culture and Tradition ( 5 )

So you clearly understood Darwinism now and you strongly believe human are evolved from think science can answer every question. Correct ?

It doesn’t mean you should hurt your parents who believe God created this world.

You are so fluent in English.It doesn’t mean you should not speak in your mother tongue.

“Culture has been defined in a number of ways, but most simply, as the learned and shared behaviour of a community of interacting human beings”

Your culture is your way of life.It defines what you are.

Remember you started with learn how to live and survive in this world from your family, friends and surroundings .once you learn to reason with things you start to believe you don’t belong to that culture.It’s okay to feel different from others but just make sure your way of living doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings

The moment you give up your principles, and your values, you are dead, your culture is dead, your civilisation is dead. Period. – Oriana Fallaci

Teach your kids what is our true culture.Teach them where you started and why are here.

There is no shame in accepting who you really are…

Things I admire the most – Stand up and fight for the right thing (4)

Do you think you are a good person ??

I’m sure you’d have said the next question

Do you fight for right thing even if it doesn’t give you anything?

If it’s an honest answer, I am sure most of the people will say No to this question.

Being a helpful person for yourself & your family alone is not being a Good person.It’s being Selfish.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s okay to be selfish.But everything has its limits.but don’t put yourself in the first place when whole mankind is at stake.

Trust me doing the right thing is really easy.It’s what your inner heart says.Listen to it.Do what it says. you may think you get nothing in return. But you are getting something in return that is called satisfaction.


No matter how much you are willing to pay you won’t get the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

Stand up and do the Right thing..No matter what.

Things I admire the most – Don’t just speak, Live By It (3).

People say “Action speaks louder than words.

Indeed.It is.It is easy to write 20-page articles or speaking on a topic for 2 hrs.Most of us can do it but living by what we speak or write.It’s obviously rare.


If you say Honesty is the best thing.Try, to be honest.If you write about Women’s equality take same responsibilities as men.Don’t just speak, live by it.

Your Actions delineate who you truly are..

Things I admire the most – Face the Challenges (2)

Don’t ever be scared to face Challenge.Be Proud to face it.Challenge is what takes you to next level.Challenge is what brings the best out of you.

Challenges aren’t meant to scare you, There are meant to strengthen you.

If you try to run away from the challenges, life will keep throwing more at you.Stop running face it with courage.If you win you will live like a Champ.If you fail, you will fall with honor.

If Steve Jobs were afraid to face the challenge, there would have been no Apple.If Phelps were afraid to face the challenge, he wouldn’t have been the most successful Olympian ever.


The size of the challenge is not a big deal.It could be catching dragonflies or slaying Dragons.But just make sure you are ready to face and overcome it…

People who face the challenge with courage builds the Empire….Be one… 🙂

Things I admire the most – Passion (1)

What is Passion ??

I just asked google the same Question…It said

Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm, desire for something…

Gorgeous lines.Passion is not something you just follow, Passion is what defines who you are.

When I was a kid, I used to love Mahabharat Stories.I still do.
Do you know who is my favourite character and why? The following story will answer these questions.

One day, Dronacharya was thought of testing his pupils.So he called both the Pandavas and the Kauravas.He placed a toy bird in a tree.He called Pandava’s prince Yudhishtar.He asked, “what are you seeing except the bird ?” He said, “I am seeing a tall tree and wide branches”. he asked him to keep the bow down and move back.Next, he called Duryodhana and asked him the same question.he said, “I am seeing the tree and it’s branches and a blue sky and something”.He asked him to put the bow down and move back.He called some other princes they pretty much said the same except “Arjuna” He said, “I can only see the eyes of the bird” and he released the pierced right through the bird’s eye.


Arjuna may not be as charismatic as Krishna, as mighty as Bhisma, as heroic as Karna, as strong as Bhima, as flawless as Yudhishtra, but he is the most passionate person in the whole Mahabharat.Unlike Karna, He had nothing to prove.He learned Archery because he loved it. Nothing much.That’s what I call true passion.

Most of us are giving up our passion.For what ?? for a comfortable life, for a six-figure salary, for a reputed job.It’s okay to do those things for a better living but never ever forget what your true passion is.Just wait for the perfect moment and fire your arrow.You will pierce it like Arjuna did.

Follow your passion and Be Passionate….

Love Hurts…does it?

People say “Love hurts“. Seriously, does it ??

Most of us will say yes, but

I beg to differ.I would say

Love doesn’t hurt, Loving the wrong one does.

Stop expecting too much from your partner.It’s the main reason to get hurt.Instead of expecting too much if you learn to accept the way she/he is, your life will become beautiful.

If you love her, Love her as a whole..not some better attributes of her.

Not just her perfect hairstyles, but also her wind blew messy hairs.
Not just her the brightest halls of her heart, But also the Darkest corner of her soul.
Not just her body, But also with her gorgeous soul.
Not just with her big achievements, but also with her admiration for cute little things like Sound of a sparrow, Song of the rain, Sight of the Rainbow, Smell of the New book etc,…
Not Just with her Mascaraed Eyes, but also with her teary red eyes,
Not just with the Independent women you see daily, but also with the Innocent little child hidden inside her heart….

Love her the way she is, Not the way, you want her to be….


Happy Valentine’s day Folks…

The Pursuit of Happiness :)

What makes us happy ??

        Perhaps Our Goals .we all have many goals.They differ from person to person.We believe accomplishing those goals can make us happy.It indeed does.but only for some period of time.Once we achieved our goals, we are moving towards the next one.Once we have got our dream job the next thing we want is a six-figure salary.Once we have got a six figure salary, we move towards the next goal.It goes on like this.Don’t get me wrong. Getting your dream job or six-figure salary will obviously make you happy but those aren’t the only things that can make you happy.

While counting the stars, we miss the moon…

        What if we fail to achieve our goal ?? we feel emptiness and pain in our life.Do you know why? While looking for happiness from our future goals, we simply forget to live in the moment.We simply forget the fact that we can harvest happiness from the tiny little things of the universe.

        The universe has millions of secrets inside it and it’s bursting to tell you that.All you have to do is stop by and listen to it.Like taste of the first sip of your coffee,the first drop of the rain,smell of the new book,Gazing at the stars,talking to the person you love for hours, an innocent smile from a little child, staring at tides, Hi from a stranger, Aroma of the flowers, bursting the bubble wrap, making the person you love laugh, watching your favourite anime for hours,pillow fights,the rising sun, Traveling without knowing the destination, Looking at the full moon, reading a book, Eating your favourite dish, etc…


        Like this, we have millions of things to enjoy other than our goals.I agree some of those things seems so childish.But what is the point of growing up, if you can’t enjoy those tiny little things ??

If growing up is gonna do nothing but suck our happiness, Let’s stay as Kids……Forever..

Never Give Up!! Keep Going !!

I was thinking for the past 2 hours about my first blog post.Finally, I thought I should start with one of the stories I always find Inspirational.

One person was passing by an elephant stable.he kinda wondered when he saw those gigantic creatures were tied with very thin chains.So he checked the trainer and asked the reason and the trainer response is a message to all of us.he said When these were young, we used to tie them with the same size of chains.At first, they tried so hard to break the chain but those weren’t able to do it.After some point of time, They just stopped trying.

Most of us are all like those elephants, just because we failed few times in the past we still think we can’t do it.

We are all human.The struggle is part of our life.When we face struggle, we can take any one of the two options. Either we can give up and live our rest of the life in regret or we can face it and live the rest of our life like a champ. The choice is obviously ours.

No matter how bad your day gets, No matter how weak you feel, No matter the whole universe stands up against you, No matter how hard your life gets, Just Stand up and face all your problems like a Champ.

people will always tell you can’t.but don’t ever think of others.If you want it just go for it.If you fail, get up off the floor and give it another try.

Let’s just do it for those who said we couldn’t



My Little Kingdom


In case you are here for the first time, I am a common man with overwhelming thoughts. Nothing special.Some call me Arrogant, some call me smart, some accuse me of being a show-off. well, I personally prefer, I am a guy who is looking for the truth. If you think I am gonna write about Rocket science or Quantum Physics, you are gonna get disappointed. I have always wanted some place where I could speak what I feel without any hesitation. So I just created this place. “My Little Kingdom

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