100 days challenge

I have always wanted to write a personal assistant bot. Latest year I even took it as a new year resolution and built – PROTO. My Personal Assitant Bot. He posts my daily scribbles on my blog automatically and does some simple tasks like Keeping tracking of the TV shows watching kinda stuffs. But he wasn’t as effective as he could have been. So I think of starting a new challenge. 100 days 100 Task. I will take 100 of my tasks like picking up a T-shirt to wear from my collection, Automatically downloading my favourite torrent kinda stuffs. Will try to automize them and integrate it with proto. I hope at the end of the 100 days Proto can perform more tasks and help me more.

If you have any tasks that can be automized feel free to inbox me.



Things I admire the most – Face the Challenges (2)

Don’t ever be scared to face Challenge.Be Proud to face it.Challenge is what takes you to next level.Challenge is what brings the best out of you.

Challenges aren’t meant to scare you, There are meant to strengthen you.

If you try to run away from the challenges, life will keep throwing more at you.Stop running face it with courage.If you win you will live like a Champ.If you fail, you will fall with honor.

If Steve Jobs were afraid to face the challenge, there would have been no Apple.If Phelps were afraid to face the challenge, he wouldn’t have been the most successful Olympian ever.


The size of the challenge is not a big deal.It could be catching dragonflies or slaying Dragons.But just make sure you are ready to face and overcome it…

People who face the challenge with courage builds the Empire….Be one… 🙂