Happy Friendship Day

When It comes to friendship, I was and am really choosy.Let it be anywhere college, Office, school, Have many acquaintances but very few close friends.

For me, Friendship is as complicated as love.Because you get to choose your friends by yourself.If they are good, you enjoy your life like anything

For me, A friend is a person with whom you don’t hesitate to share anything.You don’t think about think twice before telling them.You love to spend time with them.You can talk with for like a whole day and never get bored.

A friend is someone who accepts you, the way you are.You can Fight with them for silly things, Tease them for a whole day, Snatch and eat the last piece of the chocolate.If you want me to simplify, With your friend you can be yourself.

I am so blessed to have all my friends.We may have our ups and downs but you guys were always there for me when I was Down.Thank you so much for everything you.

Happy Friendship Day.