Things I admire the most – Respect Talent Not Looks. ( 10 )

We are living in a world full of Instagram Filters and Photo editing applications.We judge people by their external manifestations.I don’t know how many educational or utility applications you have in our mobiles but I am pretty sure you have at least one photo editing application in our mobile.

I won’t blame you.The world is obsessed with beauty.Let me tell you one small story.

It’s a story about a balloon seller and a small kid.Some of you might have heard it.The balloon seller was selling various colours of helium filled balloons.Whenever the business was slow, He would release a helium-filled balloon which soared towards the cloud.It got the kids attention and they urged their parents to get them one.A little kid was observing him for a long time.Balloon seller released green, blue and orange colour balloons.Seeing all of the balloons going up he went to the balloon seller and asked If you release the white balloon, Will that also go up like others? The balloon seller replied, Kid, It’s not Colour of the balloon that matters.It’s what inside it that makes it rise….

It’s not the just truth of balloon, It’s the truth of people too.It’s not the appearance, It’s what inside us that takes us to next level.


Real beauty is not about external appearance.It is all about how you cultivate your talent.Physical appearance will fade off in some months or years.But your talent will stay with you all your lifetime.

Looks will fetch you attention but Talent will get you Respect..


Things I admire the most – Be an Entrepreneur (8)

I will define the word Entrepreneur in a simple term.

An entrepreneur is a person who is ready to work 16 hours a day for his own dream than 8 hours a day for somebody else’s dream.

We are the people who wanna change the world.We are the people who love what we do.We are the people who are ready to give up our comfortable life for our dream.We are the people who keep trying till succeeding. We are the people who love to play with uncertainty.we are the people who jump the cliff and build the plane on our way down.We are the people who are keen to learn different things than keep doing the same things.we are the people who seek the solutions rather whining about the problem.we are the people.


We are the people who will build their own empire…We WILLLL…

Things I admire the most – Respect your parents ( 6 )

Let me start with a story this time.

An old father and his young son were sitting on the sofa and watching out.They saw a crow sitting on a tree.They father asked his son what was that bird and his son replied it was a crow.A few minutes later he asked the same question.His son answered with a bit of irritation.Then again he asked the same question his son replied with anger.He asked the same question fourth time.His son lost his patience and shouted at his father for asking the same question again and again and left the room.Then his mother came and handed over his father’s diary to him and asked him read that page.The line written on that page is

Today I was sitting under a tree with my little child.A crow came and sit on the branch of the tree.My son asked me what was that I answered He kept asking the same question 19 times I answered him patiently.I didn’t feel irritation rather I fell in love with his innocence

Like the son mentioned in the above story, we usually forget how much our parents sacrificed for us.

They brought us into the world.they fed us.they protected us.they helped with our education.they supported us when we were down.They cheered us when we were sad.They are the reason for our very own existence.

But what are we giving back in return?
Hurt,Pain and disappionment.Correct ????


It’s an absolute mistake.Without them we won’t be in the same position, we are now.They faced all the pains and sorrows just to raise you up.They could have just given up everything and enjoyed but they didn’t.They showed their selfless love for you.Show some gratitude.

They showed their selfless love for you.Show some gratitude.


Just make sure you love them the same way they did.Show them your true love.Speak with kind words even if they are wrong.That is the only way you came pay back what you owe them..

Things I admire the most – Be Modern Respect Culture and Tradition ( 5 )

So you clearly understood Darwinism now and you strongly believe human are evolved from think science can answer every question. Correct ?

It doesn’t mean you should hurt your parents who believe God created this world.

You are so fluent in English.It doesn’t mean you should not speak in your mother tongue.

“Culture has been defined in a number of ways, but most simply, as the learned and shared behaviour of a community of interacting human beings”

Your culture is your way of life.It defines what you are.

Remember you started with learn how to live and survive in this world from your family, friends and surroundings .once you learn to reason with things you start to believe you don’t belong to that culture.It’s okay to feel different from others but just make sure your way of living doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings

The moment you give up your principles, and your values, you are dead, your culture is dead, your civilisation is dead. Period. – Oriana Fallaci

Teach your kids what is our true culture.Teach them where you started and why are here.

There is no shame in accepting who you really are…